About The Show

When two humans have been bonded by deep friendship, magical things occur! Joe Luther and Vince Kern have been traveling through the Universe together in wonderment since the mid 1960's. Now, after successful and diverse careers in the media, law, publishing, industrial scrap management, car washes and bussing tables, parenting and fascinating adventures together in good and tough times, they have been guided to share the kind of great conversations they've enjoyed for decades. Listen as they explore a wide range of topics through the lens of self-growth, unity of humanity and empowerment to better the Universe. Each podcast explores a subject (or more) with open and comfortable dialogue between the hosts, and accomplished guests. If you are looking for the fine-wine of dialogue and examination of everyday living, wonder with us and participate in the conversation!

Our Hosts

...bring you a conversational approach to a diverse range of topics. They're not about the niche' podcast but rather the experiential life we are blessed by. No topic is off limit and Joe and Vince have a goal of including their listeners in their audio adventures.

Joe Luther 

…is an attorney, turned entrepreneur, turned co-founder and creator of a very successful information technology business that he and his partners sold in 2015. He is a happily married husband and father of three bright and diverse millennial aged children. A lifelong native of Michigan, Joe is an avid outdoorsman who also likes to hike, and sometimes even snowshoe.  He loves to travel, learn about other cultures, connect with all things natural and spiritual, with an insatiable desire to better understand his place and meaning in the universe.  He lives with his wife Sonya in suburban Detroit with a 150+ year old maple tree (named Alfred) watching over them from their backyard. 

Vince Kern

...inherited his desire for storytelling (and verbosity) from his dad and despite a family of teachers and mental health professionals wandered into a lengthy career as a technologist, journalist, newspaper editor, operations director and R&D director.  He's been professionally published in every decade since 1980 and was once kicked out of gossip columnist Cindy Adams' penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park because he wouldn't give her his home phone number. 

Vince is co-hosting this podcast with a sense of adventure and desire to reflect and connect with listeners about this wonderful journey we share. Although he's lived in New York City, San Diego, Chicago, he and his wife Sheila have enjoyed the midwestern lifestyle of Michigan for 27 years (cat Stella only four).