Publishing Your Passion: How to Share the Art That’s Inside You

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Have people told you "You should write a book," or "You should publish your art?" Is that little voice inside you asking the same question? Do you just need that final inspiration and guidance to share your gift with the Universe? 

Even if you don’t have a “book inside of you,” you’ll be inspired by Donna Zetterlund’s adventure as she balanced her art and work life to become a self-publisher. You'll be uplifted and connected to the innate human desire to share our gifts. 

Join us, as we interview Donna and hear her story about how she went from a child newspaper creator to an artist, media director and self-publisher of three books of children's stories and poetry. 

She's even created a “how-to” guide (available on request at ) that will outline the process of self-publishing because she's passionate about helping others achieve their dream. 

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