23andMe: The Benefits AND RISKS of Genetic Testing

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Have you heard friends and relatives gush about online services like 23andMe and Ancestry.com that analyze your genetic data and return information about your health and family ancestry? 

Have you seen commercials or videos featuring happy stories of people uniting with lost family, or ones they didn’t even know existed? Have you already used one of these services but now wonder if it was a mistake?

Whether you're familiar with these services or not, have you considered some of the real-life implications about your data? There may be life-altering results you should know beyond the allure of learning more about your family history. This episode gives you the information guardrails to help you ponder your options.

Listen in as we give you an inside look from our personal experiences with using these services and how they work. You will learn about interesting and enlightening examples of some of the data you can expect to receive. You won’t want to miss this episode as we answer questions like: What happens with your data afterwards? Will your data remain private and secure? And, Is there some information that you might NOT want to know?

Your descendants will thank you!

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