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Are you like most people who are worn-down by the constant bombardment of bad or controversial news? Could you use a break from the feelings of isolation and tension that often come with tuning into most news and media today? This episode will rejuvenate you with a much needed dose of positive and interesting news and help reconnect you to worthwhile world events. Vince and Joe use their sense of wonder to describe six recent and interesting news items featuring stories about singing whales, a charmingly huge pet feline, A.I. delivering ground breaking cancer screening, a child do-gooder being rewarded by winning the lottery, and more! You will feel lighter and more hopeful about what's happening in the world today after adventuring with your Friends In Wonder.

Kayaker singing to whales: https://youtu.be/t4BiwzqcV3s
Whale "talking" to Navel OfficeR: https://on.soundcloud.com/RT9qM

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