Leadership for Leaders: Business Coaching Improves the Bottom Line for Everyone.

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In this episode Joe and Vince interview Paul Tetreault of BoxCar Advisory. Paul is an accomplished business executive who is also a strategic business coach. He helps business leaders and management teams work more effectively as a team. Listen as they explore how this service not only helps to improve the objectives of the business but also to help the leaders and employees grow and thrive as individuals. They also discuss how businesses can utilize this service and thrive with increased accountability “post-Covid” using the tools of the modern virtual working environment.

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#HoldingBusinessTeamsAccountableWhileWorking Virtually


We welcome, value and appreciate all feedback. Please feel free to share your comments or suggestions for future topics at: talk@friendsinwonder.com and visit friendsinwonder.com to rate, review, subscribe or share this episode or show.

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