Local News: Are you in a desert or an oasis?

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  • Why is local news so important?
  • Does our democracy depend on the existence of local news?
  • Is Facebook and self-publishing "news" an existential threat to accountable local news?
  • A close-up look at a successful local news organization in Batavia, New York.
  • What can be done to fill the growing void in local news?

WITH SPECIAL GUEST: Howard Owens III, longtime journalist, corporate media executive and now owner and publisher of The Batavian in Genesee County, New York

We welcome and value all feedback, comments or suggestions for future topics. Please feel free to share with us at: talk@friendsinwonder.com


We welcome, value and appreciate all feedback. Please feel free to share your comments or suggestions for future topics at: talk@friendsinwonder.com and visit friendsinwonder.com to rate, review, subscribe or share this episode or show.

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