Personal Bias: Are we overdue for a tune-up by strengthening our humility?

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Do you want to spend less time being triggered by the overload of bias and incivility that surrounds us all? As the obvious partisanship in mainstream and social media increasingly reflect an echo chamber flooded by re-tweet Kool Aid, are you wondering how to help make it better? As part of a nonscheduled series, Joe and Vince share how they realized their own personal bias by looking at how a cognitive theory known as the Dunning Kruger effect is part of their life, and everyone's.
In an era when the battle for power and profit has mostly shifted from the battlefield to the manipulation of our brains, learn how practicing humility can bring more peace to your world. Plus, a story about Vince's bad driving on land and water that bruised his ego.

Friends In Wonder Recommends: "Being a Human: Adventures in Forty Thousand Years on Consciousness" by Charles Foster


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