Positional Correctness: Are we ever entitled to be right?

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Part riff, part wonder, Joe and Vince talk about how we might be domesticated by our roles to be right and want to let everyone else know we're right, too! And these days, we are more divided than ever. Do we really have the full picture because of our profession, family position, degree and lifelong adventures? Is there such a thing as critical thinking? How do we navigate those times when opinions and viewpoints are running rampant? Can we turn the division into meaningful listening and conversation -- how can you help?

We welcome and value all feedback, comments or suggestions for future topics. Please feel free to share with us at: talk@friendsinwonder.com 


We welcome, value and appreciate all feedback. Please feel free to share your comments or suggestions for future topics at: talk@friendsinwonder.com and visit friendsinwonder.com to rate, review, subscribe or share this episode or show.

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